Friday, February 26, 2010

As one month rolls out, a new one rolls in...

I just realized that I haven't blogged almost all month. It's been a busy month for me. Most of the month has been spent raising a litter of 9 chocolate lab pups - more work than one woman can handle, I can tell you that. I'm down to 3 now and its still a handful.

I've recently re-joined the gym in efforts to improve my health and lose some weight. I've had some health issues that I have dealt with for months now and I'm finally to a point to where something has got to change. More than likely that will be something I will NOT blog about as I find it seems to hinder my progress.. Not sure why, but it does. Maybe it reminds me that progress is not coming as quickly as I would like or hope..

Spring is right around the corner~ I am so ready for it. I would really like to get my house super clean and decluttered so I can enjoy the new season. I have so much junk just piled up and it drives me bonkers. Speaking of housework, that is what I need to be doing.. LOL

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"But you are at home all day"

I swear if I hear this phrase one more time I will explode into a million pieces and melt into the cracks of the wood planks to never be seen again! (If it were only that easy)

I quit a very good job in a law office to stay at home and raise my daughter. It just amazes me at the expectations people have of you when you don't work outside the home. No one can ever realize what staying at home is really about until you do it. The average working person thinks of it as a vacation~ sleeping in late, lounging all day and reading, watching TV, surfing the net, etc. I will be the first one to tell you IT IS NOT! I work twice as hard here at home just trying to keep things in order and keep the peace.

First thing you always hear~ "Why isn't the house in tip-top shape?" Well, not only are you home, all day, making messes, it seems that everyone else in the household gets lazy bones. They start thinking, well, I don't need to pick that up, she is home all day, she will get it. I spend 30% of my day picking up the same stuff every single day! How can you get anything done if you are constantly doing the same things, over and over and over.

Gosh, I could go on and on, but I think I will stop right here for now..

In closing, if you are one of those lazy bones, the ones who take advantage, think twice about it. Not only will you be happier in the long run, so will mama. Like the ole saying goes "If mama ain't happy, NO one is happy~"