Friday, June 11, 2010

Wonderful Days in Jekyll Island, Ga

We just got back from the first vacation we have had in 7 years and it was fabulous..I wish we could have had more time to spend but with so many animals at home it's hard to leave for more than two days. It was Katie's first real beach trip, first time experiencing the ocean. She was so excited she was screaming! Everyone on the beach was amazed at her excitement and was just thrilled to watch her enjoy the waves. All she wanted to do was either swim in the pool or play in the ocean water.. but I guess when you are 6, thats what you like the most! LOL

There was so much to see and do, that two days were by no means enough. Keith and I could have spent a week just walking around checking out all of the historical stuff, which was of no interest to Katie, being 6, so I guess we will have to go by ourselves one day.

I will post a few pictures later")